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Hello! - I'm Debbie

This blog is my effort to capture my small moments as I find them. I believe that in the end, how you spend the minutes of your days is how you spend your life. 

When we can stay present to the little things, each day offers something to appreciate and be grateful for. 

I’m glad you’re here!  I hope you find lots of inspiration for living in the moments of your own life.

Recent Posts

Easy Hats for Beginning Knitters

Many of my beginner knitting projects have been hats. Hats make for quick and satisfying knits and are a good platform for practicing new techniques. Here is a a round up of easy hats for beginning knitters; pattern and yarn

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5 things saving my life right now

Each year as we hit the winter midpoint, Anne Bogel, of the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog, writes about the things big and small that are saving her life right now.  This year I am joining in with 5 things that

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Sometimes I Lose Things

This past week while traveling, I left my computer behind. I sat it down, fully intending to put it in my bag, yet I walked away without it.  Sometimes I lose things. This is a thing I do. I lose

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Marking Winter

I like to mark the changing of the seasons in small ways but marking winter is different this year.  Typically I might add some seasonal decor to the house or change up the food I’m enjoying.  I try to appreciate

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