5 things saving my life right now – 2022 edition

This post is about 5 things saving my life right now – 2022 edition. Each year Anne Bogel at ModernMrsDarcy.com invites us to share 5 things that are helping us make it through the winter. By sharing our lifesavers we create community and help each other make it through. My lifesavers felt harder to identify this year. I’m hoping its because I’m feeling less in need of saving. And while that may be true some of the time, there is also a part of me that feels like the past two years have been one long winter. Can anything save me at this point? All hyperbole aside, here are 5 things saving my life right now.


As much as I hate to admit it, I feel 100 times better on days I move and exercise than on the days I don’t. In addition to the benefits of added fitness and strength, I’m mentally calmer and more alert. If I manage to exercise 1st thing in the morning there seems to be almost no limit to how great I will perceive the rest of the day to be. Last year I began walking regularly and this year I added some weight work. I am loving the PWR at Home workouts on the Sweat App.


Recently, I have taken a more intentional approach to cultivating this Danish tradition of cozy living. Blankets, candles and warm drinks are always at the ready and I’m working harder to plan and enjoy family dinners. When the family is all together, we’re spending more time talking and nurturing our relationships.

Comfort Reading

I know I am late to the party and I am really enjoying the Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny. I love everything about this series. The settings and the characters are the perfect easy comfort read for me. I have also discovered the comfort of listening to books that I’ve already read. It is a whole new experience that has brought me a lot of joy.

Weekly Planning

Every Sunday I take some time to reflect on the week that has passed and plan out the upcoming week. This ritual always sets me up for success and really lets me enjoy the end of the weekend. I feel hopeful or at least prepared for what’s to come. This planning session feels almost magical in its effect on my weeks. I like a paper planner like this one or this one.

Wants First Weekends

Too often, my default is to put other’s needs and wants before my own. To combat this unhealthy tendency, I created a new heuristic for myself that I call ‘Wants First Weekends’. I start every Saturday and Sunday doing the thing(s) I want to do first. Before I start the chores or the errands or doing anything for others, I get in what I want. This might include reading, a bath, a massage, watching tv, knitting or whatever. Prior to establishing this boundary in my life, weeks could go by where I did not one thing I wanted to do.

I hope some of these ideas are helpful for you. Check out this post to see last year’s lifesavers. I can’t wait to learn what things are saving your life right now.

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  1. Hi Debbie, I found your blog from the MMD linkup. Your idea for Wants First Weekends is brilliant. I love a quick, easy-to-remember phrase that helps me prioritize. Thank you for posting about it!

  2. I was going to comment to say the exact same thing! Wants First Weekend sounds like exactly what I need now. Thanks for sharing!

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