5 things saving my life right now

Each year as we hit the winter midpoint, Anne Bogel, of the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog, writes about the things big and small that are saving her life right now.  This year I am joining in with 5 things that are saving my life right now.  As the weather drags on cold and dreary, and the pandemic rages on, it is all too easy to dwell on what is difficult in this moment.  Identifying the 5 things saving my life right now helped to point my thinking toward what is working and good.


I’ve been taking CBD oil 2x a day for 2 months now.  I gave it a try in hopes of improving my sleep and lessening my anxiety.  I track my sleep using a FitBit Versa, and I can definitely see that my sleep duration, REM sleep and deep sleep are increasing over time.  Also, I fall asleep much more easily.  And, I think I am feeling calmer overall.  For me, CBD has been a great addition to my daily routine.

 Morning walks

At the beginning of  January I started walking 2.25 miles as soon as I get up in the morning.  Yes, it is cold, but I bought I warmer coat.  I start my day feeling like I’ve already accomplished something and I hope I am getting more fit.  I am looking forward to how walking will change when the weather warms up and am planning to gradually increase the distance.

The new Chani Nicholas astrology app

I love learning about astrology.   I don’t view it as predictive but more as a good means for self reflection.  And this month, my favorite astrologer, Chani Nicholas, released an amazing new app.   Every week she offers personalized workshops and readings for the week ahead.  If you enjoy astrology, this app is a game changer.

Time Blocking

Inspired by the author Cal Newport, I am time blocking my work days.   I enjoy getting my work done as efficiently as possible and time blocking is putting more leisure time back in my day.  Time blocking is viewed by some as rigid or restrictive, but I find it freeing.  Done daily it allows you to minimize distractions and focus your energy in a constructive way.


This is my third year learning about the reading life from the MMD Book Club and this year I am getting more out of my reading life than ever before.  I better understand what type of books I like, I can identify favorite authors and I have discovered that I do like audiobook fiction.  Currently, I have 5 books going and to me that feels just about right.

These are the little things that are getting me through.  What things are saving your life right now?

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