It’s time for the Currently link up with Anne-in-Residence. This month we’re talking about loving, making, taking, wanting and wondering. Loving I’m loving the Inspector Gamache book series by Louise Penny. I’ve never been a fan of mysteries but so many people clearly love these books. So I gave the first one a try and […]

5 things saving my life right now – 2022 edition

This post is about 5 things saving my life right now – 2022 edition. Each year Anne Bogel at invites us to share 5 things that are helping us make it through the winter. By sharing our lifesavers we create community and help each other make it through. My lifesavers felt harder to identify […]

New Year, Same Everything

Memories of 2021 tell me that things can always get worse before they get better. In this respect, 2022 has not disappointed. As we approach the end of January we have Omicron surging, travel restricted, a war brewing, a volatile stock market and millions of ‘essential workers’ as overworked as ever. As one of those […]


It feels impossible to process that it is November already. I wonder if it is just me that has lost track of time or if the world is so changed from what we knew that time will never feel the same again. Thank goodness for the touchpoints like this ‘currently’ link up from Anne In […]


Hey there! I hope your summer is going great. Can you believe it’s time for the August Currently post? Be sure to visit Anne’s site to check out what other blogger’s are up to currently. This month’s prompts explore what we are all admiring, anticipating, enjoying, spending and saving. Admiring Currently I’m admiring all of […]


Another month has gone by and it’s time for my Currently in July post. This month is all about eating, feeling, going, ordering and realizing. Eating Currently I am eating whatever my husband cooks, which is always, 100% of the time, some meat on the grill. Since my boys moved out last month, I have […]

June Moments

June feels like a giant blur of a month. There were significant changes at work and adapting to the uncertainty has definitely taken up some mental space. I’m proud that I kept up with my meditation, my journaling, my fitness efforts, my healthy eating amidst the mental and emotional disruption. It felt like proof that […]


It’s time for Currently, the June edition. Each month Anne in Residence prompts us to consider the current happenings in our lives. This month we are reflecting on how we are celebrating, collecting, gifting, thinking and trying. Celebrating Steve and I recently celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. Getting married was a mindset shift that surprised […]

May Moments

The May moments felt very typical this year. Historically that means busy, usually with kid activities. This May both boys moved out of the house, one to New York and the other down the street. My older son has moved back to New York City now that Covid Pandemic is more under control. And my […]

Recent Reads

I leaned heavily into the non-fiction with my recent reads. I’ve explored science, history and the writing life. I gained a wealth of new knowledge and inspiration. But now I’m ready to pull some character driven fiction to the top of my TBR. I feel like I need to take a break with something that […]