Sometimes I Lose Things

This past week while traveling, I left my computer behind. I sat it down, fully intending to put it in my bag, yet I walked away without it.  Sometimes I lose things. This is a thing I do. I lose things and forget things. Sometimes I lose things less important, like a shopping list and […]

Marking Winter

I like to mark the changing of the seasons in small ways but marking winter is different this year.  Typically I might add some seasonal decor to the house or change up the food I’m enjoying.  I try to appreciate the change in climate and wardrobe.  These small seasonal rhythms are usually comforting and something […]

Goodbye 2020, You were Life Changing

Goodbye 2020, you were life changing. And even though I am happy to bid you farewell, I am also grateful for some things that happened. This is my sixth consecutive year conducting a personal annual review and setting goals for the coming year. I take time to examine what worked well and what fell short. […]

Knitting My First Shawl

This fall I began knitting my first shawl. It was a quick and satisfying beginner project. My mother, grandmother and all of my aunts always had creative work in progress.  They were always sewing, crocheting, embroidering, quilting, beading, cutting, gluing etc.  And, I feel lucky that they always put a project in my hands.  Usually […]

Vacation turned Staycation 2020

Just like everyone else, our vacation turned staycation this year. After last year’s 2 week road trip through Canada, I had high hopes for this year. My goals for 2020 included planning an epic vacation and camping every other weekend all spring and summer. I kept postponing any planning in hope that traveling would become […]

A Little Monday Motivation

A little Monday motivation, "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. -Annie Dillard."

I love a little Monday Motivation. Finding quotes and affirmations for reflection and inspiration gets my week off to a good start. I can’t remember where I first came across this bit of Monday motivation. It must have been 2+ years ago when I first saw this Annie Dillard quote. I found it during a […]

Summer Slipping into Fall

Summer is slipping into fall. The temperatures have dropped and signs are everywhere.  Leaves are browning, the garden is overgrown and all the pumpkin things are everywhere.  Summer is my favorite season, but I’m still generally a fan of fall. Fall has visual appeal and just feels like a cozy time of year. Plus, it’s […]

Tracking My Steps

Recently I started tracking my steps

Recently I’ve started tracking my steps. I had never focused on this before because basically, I thought walking was a boring excuse for exercise. Then I learned the term NEAT.  NEAT stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis. It turns out that NEAT is super important for health and well being.  In addition to exercising, we need […]

What I’ve been up to during the Pandemic

Debbie Rivette in backyard

Early in February, my husband bought a few face masks just in case.  It seemed like an abundance of caution at the time.  Then in just a few short weeks, shelter in place orders were common and my husband and I were now essential workers.  At the same time my oldest son moved home, to […]