It’s time for the Currently link up with Anne-in-Residence. This month we’re talking about loving, making, taking, wanting and wondering.


I’m loving the Inspector Gamache book series by Louise Penny. I’ve never been a fan of mysteries but so many people clearly love these books. So I gave the first one a try and now I’m on number 10. It has been the perfect winter / pandemic escape. I love the characters, the setting and the bits of history, art and poetry woven into each story.


There has been precious little time for making recently. I did recently start a pair of The Simplest Mittens.


I’m planning to take a break from work in early March – see ‘Wanting’ below. I’ve been working non-stop since last August. I’m really looking forward to a little stretch of days that lack intensity.


Recently, all I want is to take a break – see ‘Taking’ above. I’m dreaming of a vacation filled with a lot of nothing, but I’m having trouble deciding where I’d like to go. I know I want minimal agendas and lots of free time to really relax. All suggestions for leisurely getaways are welcome.


Lately, I often find myself wondering about the future. I’m not anxious about the future, but I am curious. What will post pandemic life be like? What new behaviors will we hang on to and where will we revert to our old ways. I think about this for myself personally but also on a societal level.

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  1. I’m late on all my blog reading and decided to try and catch up with the “Currently” posts tonight 🙂 I only read about four of the Inspector Gamache series but I should try and get back into them. I have no suggestions for your vacation but it sounds lovely already!

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