Another month has gone by and it’s time for my Currently in July post. This month is all about eating, feeling, going, ordering and realizing.


Currently I am eating whatever my husband cooks, which is always, 100% of the time, some meat on the grill. Since my boys moved out last month, I have abandoned my kitchen. I am fairly certain this is temporary, but for now it feels pretty good. Ok, I do add a vegetable, a salad or some rice on most days. But, I am spending exactly 0 minutes making grocery lists and meal planning. If you were hoping for a more inspiring food idea I can recommend this Savory Banana & Nuts Trail Mix or the best dark chocolate ever.


Currently I am feeling simultaneously grounded and untethered. At home things are stable. I’m happy with myself most days and making progress on my goals. My relationships feel nourished and nourishing. At work, it’s a different story. My department is going through a 10 week restructuring process. We all have new titles, new responsibilities, new teams. Literally everything is changing. I am more accepting of change than most and still this change has been a lot to process.


In early August we are visiting the Thousand Islands in New York. We will be staying with friends and have no agenda save long walks, kayaking and porch sitting. We were here in the summer of 2019 and we are looking forward to returning. I want to plan an additional solo destination after we leave Thousand Islands. Possibly I’ll visit the grandkids.


Recently I’ve been ordering exercise wear. I love the Perform line from Everlane and I also love the Space Dye Collection from Beyond Yoga. Having a few nice things to wear provides a little exercise motivation. I’m also slowly buying pieces for the house. I recently ordered this rug from The Rug Collective. I was attracted to the easy care features. I’ll share a picture once it arrives.


This realization is ongoing and persistent. I’m realizing that it is always me. The answer to any issue affecting me is inside of me. The solution is always for me to change something inside myself. Circumstances may seem to be unfair, complicated, burdensome or irritating. People may be disloyal, dishonest, annoying and without integrity. The circumstances and the people enmeshed with those circumstances are outside my control, but my actions and reactions are not. I’m realizing that things only improve for me when I change my perspective, set a boundary, take care of my needs or remove myself from the situation.

So what’s up with you currently in July? All of these prompts are provided by Anne in Residence. Be sure to check out her post to see what she and others are up to Currently.

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12 Responses

  1. That does sound like a lot at work – hopefully things will get settled sooner than later and it won’t be as overwhelming.

    Your upcoming trip sounds so fun and relaxing!

    1. Thanks! I’m sure things will settle down at work, but I also hope for sooner rather than later.

  2. Oh, I love that rug! And we need to get to the Thousand Islands on the Canadian side one of these years. I’ve heard such great things about them.

  3. Thousand Islands is a place I’ve been wanting to visit for so long! Hopefully we can make it happen sometime soon. Enjoyed visiting you today!

  4. Love that rug!! Please do share a photo once it arrives – let’s hope it is just a pretty in person:) I have never heard of Thousand Islands – but I am going to check it out! Hope you have a great visit!!

  5. I can relate on the job front. We had a new president start June 1 and it’s been a little topsy turvy ever since. Hoping things settled down in the fall.

  6. The rug is gorgeous! I’m sorry about work. It’s been such a year-and-a-half of upheaval that having upheaval at work too seems like a huge burden. Hope it all smooths out soon.

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