It feels impossible to process that it is November already. I wonder if it is just me that has lost track of time or if the world is so changed from what we knew that time will never feel the same again. Thank goodness for the touchpoints like this ‘currently’ link up from Anne In Residence. Be sure to check out all of the posts if you can. Reading what others are up to currently always makes me feel more grounded and connected.

Here’s what I’m up to currently.


This was an easy one. Always, but especially lately, I appreciate my husband. My work life has been impossibly tiring and hectic. In my last currently post in August, I mentioned a promotion at work. And since then I’ve done little but work. I’ve doubted my decision and my ability to take on more on multiple occasions these past few months. I’ve been traveling every week and sick twice. And through it all, he has been taking care of all of the little things; making dinner, doing laundry and mostly just helping me to see the bigger picture. I’m lucky to have him.


I’m getting closer to understanding how to make better choices for myself. I always know I’m getting closer to a breakthrough when I can see myself making the wrong choice. I can’t quite stop it yet, but I can see it happening. This means I’m getting ever closer to having better boundaries, saying no when needed, stating clearly what I need.


I’m knitting some hats for the grandkids following this Mountain Mist pattern from TinCankKnits. It’s my 1st try with colorwork and it’s so much easier than I thought it would be.


After a brief stint as empty nesters, my husband and I are sharing our home again. My youngest has moved back home. He’s only nineteen, so it’s totally reasonable and definitely better for him at this point. It’s also better for my wallet. But we’d be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy our time alone.


I love these leggings and wear them all the time. I also love that it is cool enough to wear these Allbirds. But, really I have been feeling lackluster about everything I’ve been wearing, so this past weekend I cleaned out my closet in preparation for a little refresh. As a reward for getting it done I scheduled a Stitch Fix. It has taken me so long to learn what styles work for me both practically and personally. I’m looking forward to building a better wardrobe in the coming months.

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  1. Such wise words about those boundaries. Yes! When we can see what we’re doing but can’t yet stop ourselves, that’s a big deal! I felt it happening the last few days, slowly crossing boundaries I’d set for myself so I don’t get overwhelmed. Man, it takes some discipline. (And, I find, an accountability partner makes a big difference for me when it comes to maintaining the harder boundaries.)

  2. I started working full time this fall as well and yes, it would be next to impossible to do (and survive), if it weren’t for my husband. I wish you continued strength and grace as you figure out this new rhythm.

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