New Year, Same Everything

Memories of 2021 tell me that things can always get worse before they get better. In this respect, 2022 has not disappointed. As we approach the end of January we have Omicron surging, travel restricted, a war brewing, a volatile stock market and millions of ‘essential workers’ as overworked as ever. As one of those essential workers, I definitely weary of the pandemic. And I think it is safe to say that everyone else feels the same way – new year, same everything.

Normally I’m eager to set goals for the New Year.

I spend weeks thinking about the past year and crafting what I want to achieve in the New Year. This year I knew in October that I wasn’t changing a thing, same word for the year, same goals. It’s not that I didn’t achieve my goals in 2021. Actually I made good progress. For all of the inconveniences and worries the pandemic has brought, it has given me a lot of clarity around what’s important to me. I have found more motivation to focus more on what builds a life I actually want to live in.

So my word for last year – nourish, is staying the same for 2022. My goal is to nourish all the areas of life, to feed myself in body and soul, in ambitions both practical and spiritual. Around the same time I decided to make no ‘new’ goals for myself, I noticed a similar sentiment in the world at large. The feeling that we all don’t need any more challenges is more and more prevalent. I hope this idea continues to grow and take hold. I hope more individuals and organizations choose to take a much needed break from incessant striving.

So, yes, 2022 has roared in with the same unpredictable and frenetic pace as 2021, but I’m more grounded this time.

I have routines that nourish me. I prioritize my relationships and my rest more consistently. I’m not trying to be better at everything all at once. It is enough to make it through the day. If I happen to move my body, eat some healthy food and smile a bit then I call it a great day. The world at large is certainly validating the New Year, same everything idea, but maybe ‘same everything’ can have a positive side too.

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