Spinning Yarn and Sculpting Rainbows

One of my favorite ways to relax is to make something by hand. But it can be challenging to get a project started. The options are literally endless and when time is limited, the choosing can easily take up all the time. This is why I love a good kit that comes complete with all materials. Recently I completed two kits from The Crafter’s Box and spent some lovely time spinning yarn and sculpting rainbows.

The Crafter’s Box offers a monthly subscription and you can also buy kits individually. I like the subscription service because this means there is usually a project on hand when I need it. The subscription can be paused at any time. I have no affiliation with The Crafter’s Box, but I have happily completed many of their kits.

Spinning Yarn

This was my first time spinning yarn. Prior to completing this kit I knew nothing about the process. Given that this was my initial attempt I am reasonably happy with the results. Spinning yarn that is consistent and high quality is definitely a skill that requires practice. My finished skein is uneven but for my first try we will just say this adds to the charm. Overall, it was very satisfying to go from wool to yarn. I’m still deciding what I might make with my finished yarn.

Fiber Rainbow

I also completed a fiber rainbow. I have wanted to complete this project for a long time. The rainbow comes together quickly and requires no special skills. I love the color palette that came with the kit. I think it is a nice addition to the handcrafted gallery wall that I’m working on.

If you think about making things by hand, but don’t know where to start, I suggest you consider a good kit. Also check out this post about embroidering thrifted clothing or this post for simple knitted hats. If you already love to make things, please share your projects in the comments.

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