5 things saving my life right now – 2022 edition

This post is about 5 things saving my life right now – 2022 edition. Each year Anne Bogel at ModernMrsDarcy.com invites us to share 5 things that are helping us make it through the winter. By sharing our lifesavers we create community and help each other make it through. My lifesavers felt harder to identify […]

Recent Reads

I’ve only completed one book recently, but maybe that is because I am 50% through three other reads. Oh well, this is not really a problem. Also check out the cute little bookstore I found in Clayton, NY. Whenever I see an independent bookstore while traveling, I like to stop in and buy a book. […]

Summer Reading So Far

My summer reading so far is inconsistent. Some weeks have been so busy that I haven’t read a word and then some weekends, I’ve done nothing but read. This feast or famine situation is not my preference and still, there have been some good reads in any case. The Downstairs Girl by Stacey Lee At […]

Recent Reads

I leaned heavily into the non-fiction with my recent reads. I’ve explored science, history and the writing life. I gained a wealth of new knowledge and inspiration. But now I’m ready to pull some character driven fiction to the top of my TBR. I feel like I need to take a break with something that […]


Can you believe it is already May? To me, it feels like there has never been a faster year. I wonder if everything just seems to be speeded up because last year moved so slowly. Today I am joining Anne from Anne In Residence for her monthly Currently series where we all share things we […]

Recent Reads

I’ve read some great books so far this year.  A highlight of this month are three books from authors I have enjoyed before.  Here’s hoping the reading goodness is a trend carries forward into the rest of the year! What I’ve been reading lately: The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield – My daughter Sophie and […]

Books I Read in October 2020

In a year that has brought a lot of turmoil, reading has been a good refuge for me.  It occupies my mind with new learning or provides a brief escape from heavier topics.  Today I’m highlighting the books I read in October. This month was an eclectic mix of reads. First up is The Writing […]

Books I Read in September

Today I am sharing the books I read in September. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes. My tastes lean toward literary fiction, escapist reads and productivity but I will give most any book a try. I credit a lot of my recent reading to discovering the Modern Mrs. Darcy Book Club.  I neglected my […]