This year my word is Nourish

These days it is popular to choose one word as the theme or focus for your year.  This year my word is NOURISH.

I began choosing words in 2016.  My first word was FEARLESS.  Then came CHOOSE, followed by FREEDOM, then AUTHENTIC and last year’s word was ACTION.  Choosing a word has infused each year with a sense of purpose and now it is hard to imagine not choosing a theme for the year. Sometimes it is hard to distill my goals and hopes for the year into one word, but late last year NOURISH took up residence in my mind and wouldn’t go away.  I knew it would be my word for 2021.

The dictionary defines Nourish as follows:

verb – to provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition

I envisioned nourishing myself, my relationships, my career, my goals and my community toward growth, health and good condition. It felt like a word with such warm and positive potential.

Inspired by the community at this monthly linkup hosted by Carolyn, I’ve decided to examine more closely how my chosen word is showing up in my life. I’ve lived with my word for 3 months now and I am still so enamored with it.  It is such a kind word. I ask myself questions like, ‘What would be nourishing right now?’ and ‘Is this a nourishing choice?’

Doing too much and failing to rest have been my defaults for a long time and this word is helping to reset some of my tendencies.

As I make more nourishing choices for myself, I also find myself thinking about what would be nourishing in my relationships.  In particular I have been focusing on letting the loved ones in my life be fully themselves without trying to change them.  This, of course, nourishes me in turn, because trying to change others is unhealthy for all parties involved.

I am also starting to explore the pitfalls of my word.

It can be easy to confuse nourishment with indulgence or immediate gratification.

It requires a good deal of self honesty to know when to skip your exercise because you need to rest and when to make yourself get off the couch because exercise is ultimately nourishing.

For April, I want to focus a little more on the long term.  How will the choices I make now nourish future me?  Also I want to start expanding my thinking beyond myself.  For example, how do I want to contribute to nourishing my communities and our planet?  And it may become a little meta as it could be less than nourishing to worry too much about nourishing everything.

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  1. I just love hearing that you’re still enamored with your word after 3 months, Debbie! It”s like surviving the honeymoon phase 🙂 I have to say, I was also quite enamored with Nourish after reading this post–*and* you raise a great point: about nourishing versus indulging…real food for thought.
    It’s good to be challenged by our words, for sure!

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